Why Business Intelligence Is Key for Competitive Advantage – Infographic by Boston University

This infographic by Boston University displays some basic reminders of why analytics is essential. It ultimately supports business intelligence, and provides guidance into what activity is a competitive advantage for a given business.

I like that this infographic opens with a definition of business intelligence.  I also like the highlight of how necessary analytics will be once the internet of things takes off.  2020 is a fair estimate, allowing for variations in how the internet of things will develop.  The sources of data will be massive, and refining business intelligence to account for the data sources will be vital for business survival.


Boston University Online


  1. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, you can’t just rely on your “gut” when it comes to making business decisions. You need to know exactly how your customers act, why they act, what your sales team is doing and what is/isn’t working, how finances are really moving and more. With BI software you get a 360 degree picture of all of your business.

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