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Where to find e-commerce shopping cart providers with web analytics, Facebook, and bank integration

eCommerce Shopping Cart Comparison
Thinking of online retail? Use this Free eCommerce Shopping Cart Comparison to see what integrates with an analytics solution and payment gateway easily


Thinking of an eCommerce business? Select a cart that makes digital analytic measurement easy to plan first!

I’ve made this chart of eCommerce shopping cart solutions available. Each offer different capability to integrate an analytics solution. Although some coding effort is needed in general, some solutions provide a plug-and-play capability. The chart includes a consideration of which kinds of banking/payment options are available, whether the sites include Facebook commerce option, and if analytics integration is available.  Having these features in place makes sales easy to manage, and to permit an analytics tools to reveal when customers are dropping out of a cart…and not purchasing your product.

Click here for the full e-commerce shopping cart chart in pdf format.

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  1. HI Pierre:

    We’ve been using and recommending ShopSite since 1998.

    It is one of the most secure (only once security issue in approximately two decades which is outright amazing compared to the competition) shopping cart on the market.

    It also scales extremely well working in almost any shared hosting environment. Server upgrades don’t cause problems still it is a self contained cart.

    http://www.dynamicnet.net/2012/09/shopsite/ is our take on ShopSite.

    Thank you.

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