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Hootsuite / WordPress functionality introduced

Hootsuite announced a new feature, the ability to post to WordPress blogs. This post, in fact, is a HS post. Read more… http://ow.ly/TxUr

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Email posting to WordPress by Geolocation — Brilliant! A li’l analytics to verify response — Brilliant even more!

This WordPress.com post on emailing blogposts shows how geolocation can pepper a blog.  In simple terms, WordPress.com users can post to their blogs via email. Of course changing a location can stir an author’s creative juices, developing new subjects to

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Let the Public know: WordPress' "Publicize" share blogposts on Twitter and Yahoo! Profiles

WordPress has introduced a new feature, called Publicize, which allows bloggers to announce new posts through Twitter and Yahoo! Profiles immediately when a post is published. This potentially increases exposure for a blog — Twitter followers, for example, can see

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