Social Media Tips: How To Increase A YouTube Audience With Pinterest

Pinterest Board With YouTube Video Embed
This Pinterest Board, featuring an embedded Google Hangout Video, is an example of what Pinterest users typically discover and how unique content can make a difference

Pinterest is widely known for sharing images, but video is fast becoming a great second option. Adding YouTube videos is at the heart of that second option. Doing so has the potential to strength a YouTube audience, building subscribers, as well as adding variety to a Pinterest account.

The steps are simple. First upload the video you intend to share in a YouTube account – the video can then be pinned to a Pinterest board. To share on Pinterest, look for the share option and click the Pin It button to share it to one of your Pinterest boards. If you have added a Pin It button in your browser, you can use that as an alternative.

One tip: ensure that the thumbnail for the video is complementary and flattering to the video subject (or even existent – many videos are uploaded willy-nilly with no consideration of what appears when a video is part of a menu). In short, select a thumbnail image for your video, since Pinterest relies heavily on imagery to capture visitor interest.

After pinning a video to a board, you can optimize the entry with the following updates:

  • Update the description to add keywords to help make it more searchable on Pinterest. Tailoring the description for your Pinterest fans is a great touch.
  • Add the word “video” to the beginning of the description. Doing so adds extra attention for Pinterest followers accustomed to images.
  • As an option, you can add the URL of the page or blog post where the video has been embedded in the pin’s description.

Once a video is pinned, you have the option to edit the link so that the pin directs to the website. Consider which metrics you are seeking to build – YouTube subscribers or analytics goals associated to the main website.

Now see how adding video impacts your metrics. For more on this, check out this Zimana post on Pinterest Analytics.

CEOWorld names Zimana’s Pierre DeBois one of the top Big Data experts to follow on Twitter

CEOWorld Top Big Data
CEOWorld named its Top Big Data experts to follow on Twitter…

Earlier in 2014, CEOWorld Magazine named @ZimanaAnalytics among the top Twitter accounts to follow for Big Data. Managed by Zimana founder Pierre DeBois, the Twitter account curates a number of topics on small business, big data, and analytics, as well as regular posts from Zimana Blog, an AllTop web analytics blog.  The @ZimanaAnalytics Twitter account was ranked Number 36.

CEOWorld Magazine is a global business and technology information media site. Created by Amarendra Bhushan in 2008, CEOWorld Magazine offers business news features for chief executive officers and senior executives.

Pierre DeBois
…and Zimana was named one of the top Twitter accounts to follow for Big Data and Analytics
CEO World Magazine
Zimana listed among the Top Big Data Experts to Follow, according to CEOWorld Magazine

“I am extremely pleased and thankful for CEOWorld to consider @ZimanaAnalytics among the top Twitter profiles that feature big data topics, ” said Pierre DeBois.  “By focusing on curating on analytics-related topics, the Zimana Twitter account has become a key resource for small and medium sized businesses that are working to increase their business intelligence knowledge and analytic capability. This acknowledgment from CEOWorld, along with a nod to the Zimana Facebook page being named one of the top Facebook pages to follow by Small Business Trends, encourages me to ensure that the Zimana social media platforms are of great value to clients, customers, and partners.”

Read more about the top Twitter list at the CEOWorld Magazine site .

Nike’s Opportunity to Connect – @AllAnalytics #Video

For years, specialty Nike basketball shoes, such as Air Jordans, are introduced during the NBA All-Star break weekend.  “Sneakerheads” – show enthusiasts – line up at local athletic retailers, creating a high demand.  But in the age of social media, is this tradition really necessary? There have been instances where customers have been too violent in acquiring a limited edition shoe. While this means attention for Nike, one has to ask if this is the right attention given that social media provides  a means to have a conversation with a specific audience.

Watch this video, recorded in 2012 just after the All Star break, and share your comments on the site below.

Making The Most of #Hashtags – @AllAnalytics #Video

This All Analytics video, recorded in Brooklyn during 2011, covers how hashtags influence analytic strategy.  There are also other tips available for hashtag ideas.  Check out this Zimana blog post for researching hashtags and for ideas on how hashtags influence your social media strategy.

In the meantime, feel free to comment at the All Analytics YouTube account, where you’ll find other posts on advanced analytics topics.

Ferreting Out Fake #Facebook Fans – @AllAnalytics #video

This look at Facebook Fans values indicates how segments need to match to your business.  The airline in this video found some of its fans were outside of the customer demographic it serves.

The video dovetails into a growing trend of having more fans than value – such as fake followers purchased for Twitter and Facebook accounts.  That trend also plays an influential factor in big data as social media comments and mentions are correlated to predictive models.  How much data cleansing becomes required if your sources do not relate to characteristics of interest?  This video will give some thought to it, at least from the perspective of a Facebook Fanpage.

Enjoy, and be sure to comment at All Analytics in the YouTube page as well as here on this blog.