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SEO Keywords: A Few Words on Selecting Keywords to increase website traffic quality

Connect With People.  Start by talking to your customers (or intended) and ask how did they discover your business.  Use the comments to help imagine your target audience, which dictates the primary direction of your website structure.  Benchmarking similar sites

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When web analytics can’t save your business

Increased interest in measurement has come with the increase usage of websites and social media for business and organizations. Analytics has been seen as a godsend for making better, profitable decisions. But missing in many conversations is knowing when analytics

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From Omniture CMO: Why a drop in search traffic is not always bad news

This is a retweet from Omniture’s CMO site – Why a drop in search traffic isn’t always bad news.  The post is a lead to a iMedia Connection post — the idea is to correlate search traffic for a given

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