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iPad ushering e-zine version of Car and Driver; How analytics on content, reader engagement may follow

Car and Driver has just released an e-zine version for the iPad according to Autoblog.  This is part of the start of the e-zine movement, though C and D’s publisher is not alone (see the Zimana blog post on the

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How iPad + Hyundai Equus = Analytics opportunity for revolutionizing customer service at auto dealers

  The iPad has received much hype since Apple’s announcement.  But the news that really caught my attention was Hyundai’s offering an iPad in the glove box of every new Equus.  The Equus is the brand’s most expensive vehicle, a

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More than iPad (and maybe blogs) — A digital way of viewing magazine articles

[tweetmeme source=zimanablog] With so much discussion about the iPad and the impact on e-books (see the New York Times article regarding the potential price premium of an e-book because of the iPad), there has not been much discussion on digital

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