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The Tag Chase Is On – #Video via @AllAnalytics feat. Pierre DeBois

This All Analytics video takes a quick look at tag management. Tag management is becoming more essential as third party sites raises the number of sites where an ad will be displayed.  This makes tag manager essential for complex campaign needs.  For more on tag managers, check out the Zimana blog article Vetting Analytics Tags .  In the meantime, enjoy this video from All Analytics.

Ferreting Out Fake #Facebook Fans – @AllAnalytics #video

This look at Facebook Fans values indicates how segments need to match to your business.  The airline in this video found some of its fans were outside of the customer demographic it serves.

The video dovetails into a growing trend of having more fans than value – such as fake followers purchased for Twitter and Facebook accounts.  That trend also plays an influential factor in big data as social media comments and mentions are correlated to predictive models.  How much data cleansing becomes required if your sources do not relate to characteristics of interest?  This video will give some thought to it, at least from the perspective of a Facebook Fanpage.

Enjoy, and be sure to comment at All Analytics in the YouTube page as well as here on this blog.

Dan Bricklin – Spreadsheet Godfather, Technology Royalty (2009 post updated)


Original Post Date; September 9, 2008 (Now we know who is responsible for Excel!)

Every day there’s a new invitation to a network here in NYC. Some groups are “out of the wrapper, still have styrofoam peanuts in the nooks and crannies” new, others have been laboring online for years. Few have hit the sweet spot combination like The New York Tech Meet Up. Started only a few years ago, the numbers of registrants increases every year. In June 2009, the Meet Up had over 10,000 members. Held in the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT — gotta love it!) Auditorium, attendees listen to speakers from every aspect of application development.

I was pleased to see the presentation by Dan Bricklin, founder of the first spreadsheet, VisiCalc. Now a spreadsheet does not sound sexy, but think about how much can not be achieved without a cell to hold important information (Update: Here is an All Analytics post “Don’t Toss Out Excel Yet” that notes how far Excel plug-in development has come). Zimana’s business, along with many other analytics tools, business firms, consultancies and organizations, rely on the ol’ spreadsheet as a starting point for data analysis.  This movement owes much to VisiCalc.

But Dan did not bore the audience with just column-and-row talk. His autobiographical book Bricklin On Technology covers the early days of his start up and serves as a window into the early days of the computer industry. Bricklin spoke to the New York Tech audience about entrepreneurship, how many people are looking for the pot of gold, but should just try to run a solid business. Says Bricklin, “You’ll end up in an nice home, just focus on what you love to do.” I personally like that statement!

You can  find Dan Bricklin site, including his book Bricklin on Technology here.

I also reviewed Bricklin on Technology at Small Business Trends – click here to read the review.


Melinda Emerson - Small Biz Lady

Zimana Client Spotlight: @SmallBizLady Melinda Emerson – Shining a big bright light on small business

Melinda Emerson - Small Biz Lady

Melinda Emerson, the Small Biz Lady, has hosted a weekly Twitterchat called #SmallBizChat, a premiere “town hall” for small business owners on Twitter.

You have to admire Melinda Emerson.  Her motto is to eliminate small business failure, and 2012 is shaping to be a great year for her to do so.  With her media site Succeed As Your Own Boss being seen by a quarter of a million unique visitors (and rising) annually, Melinda has been steadily attracting new  entrepreneurs seeking  ideas to operate a successful business and manage growth.   Melinda has seen growth in her own business, thanks to steadily increasing participation of  #SmallBizChat. SmallBizChat is a weekly Twitter town hall for small business owners.  Every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern, tweeting entrepreneurs gather to tweet questions and view answers from guest experts in finance, marketing, operations, social media, employee concerns, and more.   SmallBizChat followers also have the opportunity to give a shout out of their business at the end of the chat.  The mini-promotion is worth it – Melinda currently has over 160,000 followers on Twitter, and has seen increasing numbers of returning followers to SmallBizChat week  after week.

Melinda authored a book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months (read a review from Zimana client Small Business Trends).  The book’s success encouraged Melinda to launch Succeed As Your Own Boss , which features business tips and summaries of the weekly SmallBizChats.  The site continues to attract other contributors such as Tai Goodwin of Launch While Working and a plethora of guests well known in small business circles, such as Deborah Shane, Michael Hyatt, Anita Campbell, Allan Weiss, and Barry Moltz.

Melinda Emerson "Small Biz Lady"

“Small Biz Lady” Melinda Emerson, addressing an audience at the 2012 New York Expo about start up pitfalls

Melinda has also branched out to commentary for several major media outlets and corporate online community sites, such as MSNBC, FedEx, American Express OPEN, and Pitney Bowes Smart Essentials.  In addition, she has been a guest speaker at numerous business trade shows such as the New York Expo and Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference.    The New York Times has added Melinda as a regular contributor to their small business online segment.

Zimana has provided analytic support to Melinda for the past year, and continues to salute Melinda in her quest to protect small businesses from failure. Join her by following the hashtag #SmallBizChat every Wednesday at 8 PM EST - learn more about SmallBizChat at Succeed As Your Own Boss.   While on the Succeed As Your Own Boss site, check out the Zimana twitterchat on analytics here.  And if you would like to see Melinda in action, check out her appearance on NBC Philadelphia.

Retail / eCommerce Paid Search tips: Product Analytics ideas from Adlucent – SES New York 2012

For retail or e-commerce paid search, look at the full picture.

That’s the concept Meghan Danielson of Adlucent presented in one of the mini-sessions at the 2012 Search Engine Strategies New York expo. She was speaking about product analytics, identifying words that lead to specific conversions.

Three ideas she mentioned in a short presentation are worth checking if you having some difficulty attributing conversion for your retail or e-commerce site.  Meghan summed it up – “If they came in and bought something else, what does that tell you about the keyword and the page their landing on“

Branded keywords

Because of a strong consistent presence in search traffic, branded keywords can mask seasonal trends.  If a keyword led to a product purchase, then you have a starting point for a bid strategy – that keyword can be enhanced with a paid search program (Pierre’s note: eMarketer noted that a study indicated that people were more likely to act on a keyword result that appeared in organic and paid search).

Bundling products

Visitors brought to a site by one keyword may purchase a different product.  Such purchase may be an indicator to bundle products together.  Businesses should consider what backend processes would be affected with this kind of retail offer. (Pierre’s note: This may be a good coupon/ad and landing page strategy to use)


Another factor similar to the bundled amount is price. Meghan says sometimes people decide to select another product shown on the site when the price of their original intention was not the amount expected.  “Am I price competitive to let people get what they came for?”

For these last two points: Consider planning an A/B test on products offered or on price (multi) to see what is an actual factor.