Email posting to WordPress by Geolocation — Brilliant! A li’l analytics to verify response — Brilliant even more!

This post on emailing blogposts shows how geolocation can pepper a blog.  In simple terms, users can post to their blogs via email. Of course changing a location can stir an author’s creative juices, developing new subjects to share.

And — what analytics blog could be complete without a mention of analytics — you can use the map overlay of an analytics solution to see if an audience continues to tune into the post.  Say, for example, you are blogging from Cheyenne, Wyoming after so many posts from the home office in Indianapolis, Indiana or Raleigh, North Carolina.  Your Wyoming blog post is related to a local event, and you let your blog audience about it.  You can use the Map Overlay  in Google Analytics (or any map overlay in any in the analytics solution) and see if there are more arrivals to the site or to a related site mentioned on the blog.  This look, alongside the click stats for the blog in WordPress, implies if the post is potentially resonating with readers.

This example relies on inference, indeed.  But the point is to gain some indication of your writing influence. The best thing is that this data is free; The cost is in the analysis and review time applied.

How do you use new locations to increase interest in a blog?

Word of Mouth Tool List from Mashable

(updated: Originally posted October 14, 2009)

You have to love the folks at Mashable for their dedication to the social media space. Their updates are simply on point and helpful. Their latest is a list of free and low cost Word of Mouth tools. These online UI allow marketers to measure brand and campaign responses on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. Tweetdeck, a very popular tool among many of my friends, is listed, as well as Radian6, and my favorite, HootSuite.

Many of these sites run a blog with news and associated how-to tips. The blogs are also useful for understanding which service is associated with another one may be using. This is helpful for selecting a tool that best integrates with other tools your firm is using.

You can read the Mashable post here.

Let the Public know: WordPress' "Publicize" share blogposts on Twitter and Yahoo! Profiles

Wordpress Publicize results for Yahoo! Profiles and Twitter
Wordpress Publicize results for Yahoo! Profiles and Twitter

WordPress has introduced a new feature, called Publicize, which allows bloggers to announce new posts through Twitter and Yahoo! Profiles immediately when a post is published. This potentially increases exposure for a blog — Twitter followers, for example, can see the blog updates and click to the post for reading and comment. Thus Publicize eliminates an extra step of tweeting a blog update. Combine Publicize with the scheduling post feature (see the Publish feature in the Edit Post page of your blog), and efficient blogging nirvana is attainable.

The only downside is that Publicize is not linked into third-party Twitter tools like, where a tweet can be sent across a number of networks, or Hootsuite, where the tweet can be scheduled. But this feature is still welcomed as a timesaver, encouraging bloggers to focus on post content.

You can read about WordPress’ new feature, and learn how to set the feature. Users should first open a Yahoo! Profile (through Yahoo! Updates) and/or a Twitter account, then follow the instructions that are included at the WordPress Publicize blog post.

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Do You Use Social Media for Finding Home Repair Services?

We use social media for so many recommendations on products ranging from the cars we buy to the electronics for our play (That’s a nod to a best friend for his audio, er, habit!). But what about household repairs and services, such as plumbing or electrical work? Do you use social media to find the best contractor? If so, which services do you use social media for? And which social media do you use the most?

A brief simple poll has been started on Linked In. You can check it out here and vote. We’ll have a follow up on the results in a few weeks. You can also add your comments here at Zimana blog.

In the meantime, I think I heard Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from afar…. 🙂

The Wheels That Time Forgot

You know, there’s a lot to be said about a good blog.  Sure, you may have been interested in the subject for a while, but to be able to retain and develop that interest is the challenge.

My personal fav is Autoblog, a site dedicated to automotive news and views from around the world.  I still love automobiles like I did when I was a kid, and feel like this is one of the most historic moments for the industry, from both a financial and design standpoint of vehicles.  I really think the editors have a great blog, with rapid updates and good content. This week Autoblog presents the Top 10 Most Forgotten Hatchbacks, a series of various models from the past 20 years.  It’s definitely entertaining to see.

This short photo serial is not only cool from an auto enthusiast perspective (I actual laughed when I saw the fastback A-body Grand Prix and Monte Carlo — it’s a stretch to include these vehicles, being that they are not hatchbacks), but the site post is cool from a blogging perspective. Serial photos or subjects can help generate targeted traffic, as well as evergreen subjects that come up every year. Sometimes it pays to see how blogs on various subjects can challenge your assumptions (See my earlier post on Andy Cohen).

Take a look at the Autoblog serial.  In the meantime, may your dream cars be a bit larger than the ones in my photo below.  Enjoy.

May your dream wheels be larger than Hot Wheels!
May your dream wheels be larger than Hot Wheels!