Small Business Technology Tour is a great way to get your business more tech savvy (updated)

Ramon Ray, founder of Small Biz Technology, is embarking on the third Small Business Technology Tour, a series of informative panels in five cities. The tour is a showcase of how small businesses can leverage technology to increase productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. Ramon is no stranger to the small business technology space, having written in major publications and sites such as American Express OPENForum  as well as having consulted on the subject for years.

The 2012 Small Business Tech Tour started in San Francisco. It comes to Chicago September 25th, then:

  • Boston  Sept 27th,
  • Phoenix October 12th,
  • Atlanta November 1st
  • Miami November 12th.

For more information, check out the Small Business Technology Tour. Also follow the #smallbistechtour hashtag for more details.

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