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Managing A Facebook Fan Page Crisis – Lessons from a Pfizer Hacking


Pfizer Facebook Page
Pfizer had a hack to its Facebook page, but it managed the problem (like any business should)

Pfizer recently addressed a hacking attempt to their Facebook Fanpage.  The hacker took control of the page and made a few illegal posts before Pfizer regained control once more.  No business likes having its page hijacked, but it is particularly troubling for small businesses. Small businesses can not always recover as quickly. Still, if a loss of control happens, a few steps can be used to manage followers and minimize problems.

  • First, to prevent consider using HTTPS for Facebook page access, particularly if the page is accessed while mobile. This is done by a simple setting adjustment. You can learn security tips at these pages at Lifehacker and  Tek3D.
  • Use Twitter for updating your followers on what has happened.  Focus on rectifying the problem, but give updates along the way to let folks know your business is on top of it.
  • Once you have taken administration control back, summarize what happened on your Facebook page or blog post.  This also helps those who do not follower Twitter understand the problem as well as bringing closure to the situation.
  • Note the dates of the problem.  Facebook Insights does not filter out the data, so you may have to adjust your assessment of fanpage performance to exclude the compromised period.  Also use annotation in your web analytics solutions as well if traffic is arriving from Facebook to your site.

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