Zimana Client Spotlight: Scientifically Speaking @business317 merges presentation skills with social media

Scientifically Speaking
Eric Anderson has been combining social media with a great presentation skills service for technical professionals who are not savvy at presentations

Eric Anderson has been a driving force with his company Scientifically Speaking (nicknamed SciSpeak).  Based in Indianapolis, Scientifically Speaking provides social media and presentations coaching to technology professionals and small businesses.  The end result for the client is an improved communication skill set to “tell their story.”

Zimana spotlights Scientifically Speaking as it expands its presentation training services with a special emphasis on social media usage among technical professionals. Scispeak is also presenting at several professional seminars throughout across the country, including: the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemist and Chemical Engineer, Indiana Black Expo and the National Society of Black Engineers. Scispeak has also facilitated iPad education training seminars in the Washington Township and Carmel School Districts.

Eric believes Scientifically Speaking stands out to entrepreneurs and technical professionals through two aspects:

  • Capability to explain ideas – “The biggest benefit to start ups and entrepreneurs is experience and knowledge in communicating technical information to non-technical audiences.”
  • Charisma – “The passion that I bring to my training sessions and presentations sets the experience apart from any other. You can’t teach passion. This will make workshops and consultations memorable and enjoyable.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Eric Anderson for one of his training courses at the Indiana University-Purdue University campus in Indianapolis. I am sure that many professions can rest easy with Eric on the job. To learn more on how Eric can build a presentation tailored to your organization, visit the Scientifically Speaking site (www.scispeak.com) or reach out at @business317.

Melinda Emerson - Small Biz Lady

Zimana Client Spotlight: @SmallBizLady Melinda Emerson – Shining a big bright light on small business

Melinda Emerson - Small Biz Lady
Melinda Emerson, the Small Biz Lady, has hosted a weekly Twitterchat called #SmallBizChat, a premiere “town hall” for small business owners on Twitter.

You have to admire Melinda Emerson.  Her motto is to eliminate small business failure, and 2012 is shaping to be a great year for her to do so.  With her media site Succeed As Your Own Boss being seen by a quarter of a million unique visitors (and rising) annually, Melinda has been steadily attracting new  entrepreneurs seeking  ideas to operate a successful business and manage growth.   Melinda has seen growth in her own business, thanks to steadily increasing participation of  #SmallBizChat. SmallBizChat is a weekly Twitter town hall for small business owners.  Every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern, tweeting entrepreneurs gather to tweet questions and view answers from guest experts in finance, marketing, operations, social media, employee concerns, and more.   SmallBizChat followers also have the opportunity to give a shout out of their business at the end of the chat.  The mini-promotion is worth it – Melinda currently has over 160,000 followers on Twitter, and has seen increasing numbers of returning followers to SmallBizChat week  after week.

Melinda authored a book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months (read a review from Zimana client Small Business Trends).  The book’s success encouraged Melinda to launch Succeed As Your Own Boss , which features business tips and summaries of the weekly SmallBizChats.  The site continues to attract other contributors such as Tai Goodwin of Launch While Working and a plethora of guests well known in small business circles, such as Deborah Shane, Michael Hyatt, Anita Campbell, Allan Weiss, and Barry Moltz.

Melinda Emerson "Small Biz Lady"
“Small Biz Lady” Melinda Emerson, addressing an audience at the 2012 New York Expo about start up pitfalls

Melinda has also branched out to commentary for several major media outlets and corporate online community sites, such as MSNBC, FedEx, American Express OPEN, and Pitney Bowes Smart Essentials.  In addition, she has been a guest speaker at numerous business trade shows such as the New York Expo and Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference.    The New York Times has added Melinda as a regular contributor to their small business online segment.

Zimana has provided analytic support to Melinda for the past year, and continues to salute Melinda in her quest to protect small businesses from failure. Join her by following the hashtag #SmallBizChat every Wednesday at 8 PM EST – learn more about SmallBizChat at Succeed As Your Own Boss.   While on the Succeed As Your Own Boss site, check out the Zimana twitterchat on analytics here.  And if you would like to see Melinda in action, check out her appearance on NBC Philadelphia.

Small Business Trends new websites 2012
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Zimana Client Spotlight: @smallbiztrends Small Business Trends unveils new design and Twitterchats – offers more news by and for small business owners

Small Business Trends, a media site for small business tips and information, has launched a redesigned look that showcases its recent navigation bar redesign. The design adds a new look to the logo, modified colored, highlighted quotes (typically appearing in the business book reviews ), new font, and an article carousel that highlights the newest articles.  The site continues to offer its popular services, such as a free press release submission, and popular small business campaigns such as Small Business Influencers, a voting award program for small business owners, app developers, and large businesses that have made significant strides in the entrepreneurial community.


Small Business Trends new websites 2012
Small Business Trends launched a redesign of its site, emphasizing its segments in a new navigation and carousel. The site now serves over 4 million unique visitors, and has continued to attract new visitors seeking small business news and information.

Small Business Trends started in 2003 and has grown into one of the internet’s most significant resources for small business. Over 4 million visitors rely on the site for the latest in economic trends, technology tips, finance and marketing insights to gain an edge on success.  Founded by Anita Campbell, the site has developed a who’s-who of leading small business experts, including Lisa Barone, TJ McCue, Susan Payton, John Follis, Brent Leary, Barry Moltz, and Ivana Taylor.

This year Small Business Trends has promoted a series of Twitterchats, under the hashtag #SMBchat,  to its roster of events and services.  Two chats in July featured sponsorship by Blackberry and Symantec, focusing on a singular topic. The topics were How has starting a business changed in the last few years for Blackberry and business security for Symantec.  These chats permit followers to interact with small business leaders beyond their online words.  Learn the comments shared from the Small Business Trends – Blackberry twitterchat in this recap. 

The chat and redesigned site compliments another successful release, Visual Marketing.  A business marketing book by Campbell and David Langton, a visual communication designer and co-founder with Norman Cherubino of Langton Cherubino Group, Visual Marketing has received terrific acclaim for the way it displays innovative business ideas.  The book features branding tips discovered by small businesses seeking unique ways of presenting their services and products.  Campbell and Langton picked marketing submissions from many small business owners across the country.

Anita Campbell David Langton Visual Marketing
Anita Campbell and David Langton at the New York Expo, speaking on their great new book Visual Marketing

For over two years, Zimana has been proud to conduct regular analytics reviews for the Small Business Trends.  Pierre has worked alongside Vedran Maric from SEO Rabbit to thoroughly review and highlight data insights for the team.

In addition, Pierre volunteers his time to contribute business book reviews.  71 reviews have been published since December 2009, but this part of a larger count.  250 reviews gives readers a number of reading sources from finance to project management, all from the best business leaders.

Tic Toc Entertainment continues its growth with Zimana-enhanced sites for Midwest DJ and Karaoke & TTE Studios

If there is one thing about Greg Crook, he understands timing is everything.  Even the name of his company, Tic Toc Entertainment, has been a reminder of that timing is essential for success.

Greg Crook has been running Tic Toc Entertainment on perfect timing for the past 12 years.  Tic Toc Entertainment consists of a recording studio, a roster of Chicago recording artists and live musicians, the band Night Fever (in which Greg is a keyboardist), and Midwest DJ and Karaoke, a DJ service that covers events such as weddings and corporate parties (and karaoke as well).   The business has served not only Chicago but the Midwest in general. A consummate musician and Gary, Indiana native, Greg has been working to elevate the online exposure for his businesses to reflect their past history and future.

Zimana’s involvement was creating four websites on a very limited budget – this was done to focus on updated content, as well as a establish a baseline of analytics measurement, which would give Greg guidance on which marketing effort needs adjustment.  Site templates were modified, with Javascript codes incorporated to rotate picture images of the musicians and studio (even the images were hand selected for size and conveying the Tic Tic story).  For the Night Fever site, Zimana created a video montage that conveyed the sounds of a the group, using past images, a current video, and sound bites from each source. Customer recommendations were added into three of the sites, to reflect that company history.  Finally, a Gigbuilder music selector was incorporated into the Midwest DJ site; Zimana also worked to update the music database for the client so that customers can search music by album title as well as by song.

While finishing touches to the studio site and Midwest DJ and Karaoke are being completed, the sites are creating more qualified leads, as well as increased interest for all of Tic Toc Entertainment services.  For more on Tic Toc, view the Tic Toc Entertainment site, the Nightfever site,  Tic Toc Studios site and Midwest DJ and Karaoke Services.

Small Business Technology Tour is a great way to get your business more tech savvy (updated)

Ramon Ray, founder of Small Biz Technology, is embarking on the third Small Business Technology Tour, a series of informative panels in five cities. The tour is a showcase of how small businesses can leverage technology to increase productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. Ramon is no stranger to the small business technology space, having written in major publications and sites such as American Express OPENForum  as well as having consulted on the subject for years.

The 2012 Small Business Tech Tour started in San Francisco. It comes to Chicago September 25th, then:

  • Boston  Sept 27th,
  • Phoenix October 12th,
  • Atlanta November 1st
  • Miami November 12th.

For more information, check out the Small Business Technology Tour. Also follow the #smallbistechtour hashtag for more details.