Business Intelligence Lessons from Yahoo! (Meyer’s decision on working from home) – #video from @AllAnalytics

Working remote can be a challenge, but more and more companies are finding success with it. 37 Signals, the firm that created Basecamp, has its workers mostly remote, with a central core workforce in its Chicago headquarters.

Marissa Meyer, Yahoo’s CEO, chose a different route.  She mandated more employees to work at its main headquarters.  Since that time Yahoo! has acquired a number of companies, including Tumblr.  But its overall financial performance still has been questioned by Wall Street Analysts, according to Forbes.  So time may tell if Meyer’s famed mandate inspired a significant change for Yahoo!

But consider this instance as a business intelligence lesson – analytics played into her decision.   There are also lesson of treating clients who are remote.  Meyer made her decision because log ins were reported low – so being remote implied a sense of inconsistent results, an unwanted characteristic for any business that seeks to improve itself.

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