#BlackTwitter Infographic via @Peppermiller

Black Twitter has become a morphious description for a community on Twitter that comments  on social issues and ideas important for the African American community.   It is a group that is unlike any previous civil rights groups because of its digital influences and timing from the current cultural trends in the United States.

Pepper Miller created a nice infographic that covers basic stats on Black Twitter.  It is a good starter for a basic discussion of marketing to minority groups in an organic way.   While Black Twitter is not commercial in nature, appreciating sentiment can introduce  marketers to the social media profiles that interact with the group – ranging from small businesses to organizations who could be a potential partner for a service or product.

It also illustrated how African Americans use mobile access frequently. African American and Hispanic digital natives index higher for Twitter usage and, according to Pew Institute, index higher for mobile access.

You can learn more about Pepper Miller at her site peppermiller.net. You can also read a book review I wrote on Pepper’s book on African American marketing trends, Black Still Matters In Marketing,  at Small Business Trends.

Info graphic: Black Twitter Real and Influential by Pepper Miller on Scribd

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