Client Spotlight: Smith and Donovan

Smith and Donovan have been providing photography and video services for a wide variety of businesses and non profit organizations in northwest Indiana and the Chicago area.  Carly Smith and Thad Donovan has created a number of corporate videos, including a More »

Client Spotlight: Benefit Management Associates @BMA_INC

One of Zimana’s favorite clients is the right company to turn to when it comes to planning the right health care coverage for your company.  Started by Paul Dark, Benefit Management Associates (BMA) provides guidance on health care coverage and insurance More »

Zimana spotlight: broadAngle

This interview with Garrison Atkisson, founder of broadAngle, was conducted via online in 2012.  Portions were used as part of a post for Business Agility.  I met Garrison during my grad school days at Georgia Tech. Later we crossed paths, and More »

First Digital Marketing and Analytics Seminar a Success for #Chicago Incubator @Blue1647 and Zimana

Zimana has partnered with Blue 1647, a Chicago start up and entrepreneurship incubator in the Pilsen neighborhood. Founded by Emile Cambry, and co-managed with Antonio Rowry as Chief Operating Officer, Blue 1647 provides a working space for 32 companies and More »

Zimana Client Spotlight: Scientifically Speaking @business317 merges presentation skills with social media

Eric Anderson has been a driving force with his company Scientifically Speaking (nicknamed SciSpeak).  Based in Indianapolis, Scientifically Speaking provides social media and presentations coaching to technology professionals and small businesses.  The end result for the client is an improved More »


Infographic from @CoSchedule – Content Hacking

This infographic from content sharing app CoSchedule examines the latest content craze – Content Hacking. Content Hacking involves content sharing, but hacking into platforms.  This does not mean breaking a password. It means craft and sharing media content that quickly acknowledges the value of the content and the ability to scale its visibility to the appropriate audience.

Take a look and see how this infographic can inspire your notions of what content creation should do for your business.   Enjoy the Infographic.

++ Click Image to Enlarge ++
Source: [Infographic] Growth Hacking: The Characteristics Of A Content Hacker

How To Use The Google Analytics Bot Filter to Improve Your Site Traffic

GA Bot Filtering

I wrote about filters just as this feature, a bot filter, was being introduced to Google Analytics. The bot filter is a toggle switch in the admin. It is meant to eliminate spider and bot crawls which can skew visitor metrics. Activating the filter is one step in having cleaner data and a clean look at trends and segments.

Using the bot filter is simple. To toggle the bot filter within Google Analytics, go to the admin page, then select the profile and view to which the bot filter will be applied. The toggle switch is shown in the View Settings selection, as seen in the image.

Use this feature to help cleanse the data that is collected in Google Analytics. The activation of the bot filter will not interfere with any other filters selected.

For more on filters, check out these Zimana posts on filter 101 basics and using filters in analytic reports.

Infographic: Social Media Stats via Digital Insights

Need a recap of social media stats? This infographic from Digital Insights outlines the statistics for Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Linked In among others. Among the most interesting factoids is that YouTube receives 80% of its users outside the United States.  Thought 2014 is closing down, take a look at this stats to consider how to make your 2015 bright.

Social Media Advertising: Does It Influence Consumers? (feat. @Avinash Kaushik and Wall Street Journal)

Earlier this year, Avinash Kaushik, a very highly respected analytics expert, offered his thoughts on the influence of social media advertising on consumer purchase decisions.  He highlighted a Gallup poll in a recent Wall Street Journal article which stated that despite business interest in social media, many consumers are not influenced by social media advertising.
Does this mean that Twitter, which has been adding advertising to its platform, is heading in the wrong direction? No, not really. Avinash points out that companies who advertise on social media have got be social or have an offering that lends to being social. Food provides great examples – see how Coke and Oreo have been influential in these Zimana posts,  Coke’s Refeshing Omnichannel Approach (Coke) and Tips to Create Positive Twitterdrops (Oreo).
But in the meantime, read this Facebook post from Avinash and see if you feel the same about understanding the social quality of your business with respect to social media advertising.  Join the conversation at his Facebook page.

Business Intelligence Lessons from Yahoo! (Meyer’s decision on working from home) – #video from @AllAnalytics

Working remote can be a challenge, but more and more companies are finding success with it. 37 Signals, the firm that created Basecamp, has its workers mostly remote, with a central core workforce in its Chicago headquarters.

Marissa Meyer, Yahoo’s CEO, chose a different route.  She mandated more employees to work at its main headquarters.  Since that time Yahoo! has acquired a number of companies, including Tumblr.  But its overall financial performance still has been questioned by Wall Street Analysts, according to Forbes.  So time may tell if Meyer’s famed mandate inspired a significant change for Yahoo!

But consider this instance as a business intelligence lesson – analytics played into her decision.   There are also lesson of treating clients who are remote.  Meyer made her decision because log ins were reported low – so being remote implied a sense of inconsistent results, an unwanted characteristic for any business that seeks to improve itself.

Listen to the video and provide your comments here or at the All Analytics site.