First Post, First Dance

Welcome to the first post of Zimanablog!  This blog is support by Zimana, a new innovative analytic consultant firm dedicated to helping businesses make the most of web analytics data and business metrics for strategic advantage.

As founder of Zimana, I am excited about this first effort! Zimanablog makes possible a dialogue for great ideas on analytics and associated concepts that deliver value for firms and organizations.

Our company website and logo was created by Studio150, a web development firm based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently Zimana is based in Huntsville, Alabama, so all coordination was via email and phone calls.  I’ve done similar communication on a project for a client based in Osaka, Japan.

These dances of communication are no different than what goes on across the world, as thousands of businesses large and small use various means of communication.  And it’s a dance that goes way back before Skype and Wi-Fi — The songs have changed, but its the same DJ on the one-and-two’s!  I remember the video conferences in my Ford days during the 1990s, speaking to program teams based in Australia as well as plant teams based in Louisville, KY and Edison, NJ.

But what makes this dance worthwhile in business is an analysis of the communication content and its frequency — how much value is derived and how much overhead is used to create that value.  This information can create an analytic strategy to minimize costs and maximize profits, particularly as more and more businesses become “micro-global firms” and interact with each other for products and services. Growing businesses must learn to take moments to analyze its efforts so that more productivity and value can occur.  This is especially critical for service-based businesses.

What ways do you think businesses can strive to not only work together but measure the value created?  Your posts are welcome and encouraged…

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