Email posting to WordPress by Geolocation — Brilliant! A li’l analytics to verify response — Brilliant even more!

This WordPress.com post on emailing blogposts shows how geolocation can pepper a blog.  In simple terms, WordPress.com users can post to their blogs via email. Of course changing a location can stir an author’s creative juices, developing new subjects to share.

And — what analytics blog could be complete without a mention of analytics — you can use the map overlay of an analytics solution to see if an audience continues to tune into the post.  Say, for example, you are blogging from Cheyenne, Wyoming after so many posts from the home office in Indianapolis, Indiana or Raleigh, North Carolina.  Your Wyoming blog post is related to a local event, and you let your blog audience about it.  You can use the Map Overlay  in Google Analytics (or any map overlay in any in the analytics solution) and see if there are more arrivals to the site or to a related site mentioned on the blog.  This look, alongside the click stats for the blog in WordPress, implies if the post is potentially resonating with readers.

This example relies on inference, indeed.  But the point is to gain some indication of your writing influence. The best thing is that this data is free; The cost is in the analysis and review time applied.

How do you use new locations to increase interest in a blog?

Wanna do web analytics in the sky? Jaunted’s list of WiFi availability on airlines

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The number of flights to offer WiFi service will increase over the next year. Jaunted, a hip travel site, offers a list of US airline carriers which will offer WiFi (or should I say Gogo, since it is supplying most of the airlines). Soon your web analytics data, along with any other online business, can be reviewed alongside your coffee, tea, or milk.

Not every airline has WiFi — AirTran is currently at 100% while Southwest has to tweet which flights will offer the service. Check for your favorite carrier at the Jaunted post here.

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