Can we get pass the click or will the insights get past us?

Great minds get together at the Tribeca Hotel
Great minds get together at the Tribeca Hotel

At the Eyeblaster Digital Experience Day in New York on Thrusday (August 6th, 2009), the highlight was an executive panel discussion Measuring the Media Mix: How can we look beyond the click when we have no standardized measurement of the holistic media impact on today’s consumers? The panelists were Chris Rogers,Vice President, Media at comScore; Mainak Mazumdar, Senior Vice President, Global Measurement Science for Emerging Media at Nielsen Company; William J. Havlena, Vice President, Research Analytics at Dynamic Logic; and Jake Moskowitz, Vice President, Business Development & Digital Media Measurement at TNS.

The main debate focused on the relevance of GRP, an advertising metric that consist of reach (number of people) multiplied to frequency (number of times for message exposure to the given reach).  GRP has familiarity in the industry as an accepted metric, but the challenge is trying to link campaign performance to actionable insight. Analytics has potentially provided more of a means to determine if sales are a result of the exposure, but more refinement of the correlation between sales and exposure is needed. Moskowitz mentioned that the industry can sometimes get “lost in algorithms, clicks, and cookies”, while Mazumdar stated that GRP “is a tonnage metric” and we need to move towards telling how clients and customers are interacting online.

The panel agreed that the industry must get past clicks, despite results in a Eyeblaster-TNS study that indicates that marketers are relying on the very metric that most feel is not telling the whole story–clicks.  But all were optimistic that the deeper learnings on the data will lead to better understand of consumer behaviors online.

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