Another Top 10 at Autoblog

Ragtop memories
Ragtop memories

Wow, someone is following Casey Kasem’s footsteps! After the Top 10 Forgotten Hatchbacks list (see my post), Autoblog has created a Top 10 Forgotten Convertibles list. Just in time for Memorial Day, too!

What’s your favorite car memory? Was there any marketing effort with your fav? If so, was the commercial/ad affect your interest in the vehicle?

Enjoy the list!

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Chrysler Poll — Does Bankruptcy Affect Marketing? (2009 post)

A fleet of Jeep Grand Cherokees awaiting a new home
A fleet of Jeep Grand Cherokees awaiting a new home

Ad Week is conducting a poll on Chrysler’s  advertising in Linked In. The Adweek poll at Linked In centers on if a bankruptcy will affect the message and tone of the effort.   Ad Week also has a related article on messaging value during a downturn.  Take look and see what you think.

One challenge about sending a marketing message during a downturn or a company-wide distress is that associated independent channels have to be coordinated with the message to overcome negative response.  With the recent announcement of closing 1 out of 4 dealerships, plus GM’s choice to eliminate 1100 dealers, public reception for any Chrysler promotion will only focus on Chrysler financial condition and not on the value of the product.  Thus the remaining dealers will have to break through these concerns to gain any traction in sales, even more-so after Chrysler exits bankruptcy and begins to execute a marketing strategy.

Small businesses can learn from the Chrysler bankruptcy by making sure its sales channels and partners are constantly aware of the business status.  If there are negative concerns, such as slowing sales, small businesses should keep its advisors and partners aware of its plan to address the downturn and give progress reports, be it formal report or simple blog post with Twitter announcements. The key is to maintain a coherent message, good or bad.



The Wheels That Time Forgot

You know, there’s a lot to be said about a good blog.  Sure, you may have been interested in the subject for a while, but to be able to retain and develop that interest is the challenge.

My personal fav is Autoblog, a site dedicated to automotive news and views from around the world.  I still love automobiles like I did when I was a kid, and feel like this is one of the most historic moments for the industry, from both a financial and design standpoint of vehicles.  I really think the editors have a great blog, with rapid updates and good content. This week Autoblog presents the Top 10 Most Forgotten Hatchbacks, a series of various models from the past 20 years.  It’s definitely entertaining to see.

This short photo serial is not only cool from an auto enthusiast perspective (I actual laughed when I saw the fastback A-body Grand Prix and Monte Carlo — it’s a stretch to include these vehicles, being that they are not hatchbacks), but the site post is cool from a blogging perspective. Serial photos or subjects can help generate targeted traffic, as well as evergreen subjects that come up every year. Sometimes it pays to see how blogs on various subjects can challenge your assumptions (See my earlier post on Andy Cohen).

Take a look at the Autoblog serial.  In the meantime, may your dream cars be a bit larger than the ones in my photo below.  Enjoy.

May your dream wheels be larger than Hot Wheels!
May your dream wheels be larger than Hot Wheels!

Enjoying Search Engine Strategies Conference 2008 in San Jose, CA (A few words from Lee Odden)

This post comes straight from Cali!  Yours truly is listening to the takeaways from the Blogging and SEO sessions at the SES Conference in San Jose.  Lee Odden from Top Rank Blog is currently speaking.  Much of the discussion is regarding the content, how to reach out to bloggers and other blog, and how to create community on the blog.  He finds content valuable at SES San Jose and spends no dollars on advertising.  I particularly like the comments to link in the presentation.  On a personal note, I have sat in on few presentations that reference website let alone a link offer.  But presentation content varies from industry to industry.  I look forward to sharing more information in posts to come…