Linked In — A starting point for networking online

Note: This post was updated as of November 21, 2014

Linked In, the business online network where professionals search for positions, sales, and information, reached the 40 million use mark recently. I have maintained a profile there since 2007.

A lot has changed over the years. Back at the beginning, I enjoyed participating in the Q & A sessions.  Over time, the Q& As have been removed – today, users can create posts.  Yet even today I have noticed that there are many users who still have some usage questions or are so 1990s with just posting a profile and not developing the details.

In response, I am borrowing a perfect quote from Alan Weiss in his book Million Dollar Consulting, pg 108 —

Joining organizations and taking the time to network is an investment, no different form buying office equipment or creating a marketing piece. You are negligent if you don’t focus on achieving the maximum return from that investment.”

So for convenience I have added the link to the Linked In usage video. The short webeo (Okay, “webeo” is my own slang, but I get rights to any usage of the word on a T-shirt!) explains how one develops their network to best use. You can see the webeo (Okay, I’ll stop with the webeo!) here.

May the winds blow good networking and good fortune your way!